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Environment and corporate social responsibility

Doing best to achieve social responsibility, considering

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To transfer beautiful and amicable environment to next generation.

solar panels

Establishing “solar panels” on the roofs of factory to save energy.


Policy on environment affairs

Kagoshima exercise activity to preserve global environment as the manufacture of “industrial fastening parts” .

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Kagoshima is trying to achieve “corporate social responsibility” to meet requirement and anticipation from share holders, workers and local area such as stake holders.

compliance Regular check of observation and assessment.
to customers Based on “customer first”, regular check on “customer satisfaction”.
to workers Bring up talented workers and taking care of workers health.
actvity of environment preservation Saving energy and resources. recycle of waste.
actvity of safety and health Improvement of working environment by committee.
activity of contribution to society Cleaning local area, gardening etc.